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Nobody Knows It All

I recently attended a 2 day real estate and litigation seminar in St. Paul.  The presenters were some of the most experienced, sophisticated lawyers in Minnesota.  The substantive knowledge I gained was great.  But, what I found to be the most valuable aspect of the seminar was the humble nature of these outstanding practitioners to acknowledge that they really don't have all the answers, indeed nobody does.  There are certainly times when when an answer is certain, but those times are rare. 

img-gallatin-dan-lowpro-photo-0Your chosen legal practitioner has to be able to acknowledge that he or she does not know it all and can't do everything for least not alone.  I am very fortunate to have a great number of generous, experienced, and smart lawyers and colleagues who let me bounce ideas and issues off them.  I thank my colleagues for their generosity and I thank those who trust me with their legal issues to not hold it against me when I tell them I don't know the answer right now, but I will find it for you.

Finally, I recently read this quote from Mark Twain that I think is worth sharing:  “Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.”

~ Dan


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Dan has handled formation of international corporations through single member LLC’s looking to invoke all the corporate protections enjoyed by the most complex companies in the world.


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Estate planning can be the most rewarding and emotionally challenging legal endeavor for any client. Dan carefully assists clients persevere through their estate planning process.


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No two litigations are alike. The rules may not change, but the facts, client goal, and resolution options are never the same.


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Dan has extensive experience representing and helping real estate buyers, sellers, agents, and business clients weave through the maze of residential real estate and commercial transactions.


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