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What now for the USA?

election2016I am not a huge political participant. I have my positions, I pay attention, I read, I vote, but I don't otherwise participate. But, from my politically unsophisticated view, last night's Presidential outcome feels like Jesse Ventura Part 2, albeit on a substantially bigger platform.

What now for the USA? I don't ask that in the sense of--are we soliciting bids to build a wall between here and Mexico and deporting everyone not born here. What I mean is what will Donald Trump do to cause himself to be an effective leader? The best organizations -- businesses, the Chicago Cubs, my own household -- run best when the decision makers surround themselves with good, smart, trusted people (in my household my wife's caused our family to run well despite me).

We are fools to think that because Donald Trump is the next President we will all have more money in the next four years. Quite possibly the opposite, but, we will have more money if we work hard, work smart, and make good decisions. Besides, do we really want more money if it means the Earth's denigration is accelerated instead of being reversed? I can't believe so. What we want is to be happy -- money doesn't guarantee that, a Republican president doesn't guarantee that.

Trump and the Republicans, who now control both the House and Senate, have great pressure. There are no internal obstacles to them passing policies the Republicans want. We have to hope is that the decisions made are the right ones, not ones made just because they are different than what Democrats would have done.

We, the voters, have spoken. Now is the stressful time -- did we make the right decision??? I expect we'll know in about 2-3 years. Until then, I'm going back to work.

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