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The United States of America: Do we appreciate us?


I am not that old, but not that young either.  Growing up, politics was NEVER discussed.  I think it relates to my parents growing up in households where political discussions were commonly very "animated".  My parents grew up in St. Paul on the North End near Rice and Maryland.  It was a very blue collar, meat and potatoes type area.  They stayed in St. Paul until moving to White Bear Lake in 1987.  In 1987, White Bear Lake was not a great deal different than St. Paul.  I think the political slant was quite similar.


 Today, in my own household in Hugo, politics still are not much discussed.  My wife's family more actively talks politics.  The very start of those conversations makes me cringe -- those conversations rarely stay subdued.  I quite like that political conversation with my kids is limited.  


The point?  This is a microcosm of just how excellent our country is, but I don't think we appreciate how wonderful it is that radical opposites can be friends while still enjoying the USA.  I don't need to talk politics and nobody can force me to talk politics.  Others can rant and rave on Democrats or Republicans or whoever they want, but nobody can force them to do so.


The flexibility and right to voice an opinion or stay quiet, to drive from Hugo to Nashville if it suits you, to have ample food and water supplies, to have the ability to find a park or lake to sit and just feel a breeze - how much do we appreciate these things?  I try very hard to see positives.  That's not at the expense of seeing negatives, but I just try to let the positives override the negatives.  Just like the right to speak out or not speak out, we all have the right and ability to see the positives.  



I don't have any expectation this creates a national change in media or politics.  Even if this only impacts me, I hope we start seeing the positives of the USA.  Starting with positivity and positive energy seems nearly foolproof.  I hope you, me, and anyone else who reads this will give it a try.


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